Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pics from Easter

Easter Break
The last couple of weeks have sped by. I have recovered from a multiple poisoning episode from pressure blasting our front stairs that are not under cover and had several years of mould attached. Everywhere I had a skin break I got an infection that was only brought under control by strong antibiotics. Other house maintenance besides the new handles in the kitchen has been the finalization of the painting of the bathroom/toilet with only the white trim to be completed, it looks really good and makes living here more pleasant. There was only a skereck left of the blue/white blend.

I have joined the Samoan Voyaging Society and am on the executive. We have the inspiration to go traditional voyaging around the Pacific in a 70 odd foot twin canoe. Check out the link in “My blog List” on the side bar of the blog. We have applied for a Vaka from the Okeanos Foundation and are currently getting our submission together for assessment in early May. I hope to be involved in training in Radio Procedures and more recent navigation concepts such as GPS and Charts. The inflatable has been out on the harbour collecting GPS waypoints for map calibration and sounding mooring sites. I have also joined the Yacht Club and my inflatable was rescue boat for the Opening Day races. The kids sail Optimists(like a Sabot) and then graduate to Laser and Hobie Cats. No shortage of wind when the Trades kick in, sailing is two hours either side of a high tide as they sail in the lagoon in the lee of coral banks offshore.

Our Easter break was spent at Sa’moana Resort and I kept 732 pics and deleted several hundred. I found a nest of Anomie Fish and got about 30 good pics from several hundred. As nearly all were shot blind that wasn’t too bad, fish don’t like co-operating with big underwater swimming objects. F went snorkeling three times and really enjoyed herself. On the way home we had lunch and a snorkel at Aganoa Black Sand Beach (pronounced Anganoa – you put an “n” in front of “g’s”). This is a delightful bay tucked behind an ancient lava field headland on the south coast. Unfortunately the water has a lot of silt, so the pics inshore were a bit off.
I have also been invigilating exams for a TAFE student. Seven half day exams are starting to tell on both of us, the chocolate supply is about to run out. I am going to the AGM of the Library Association of Samoa next week and have met a library volunteer from OZ working at NUS.

Last weekend we had a staff do at the Blue Marlin and I scoffed half a crayfish – YUM. Some Aussie volunteers are helping in upgrading this establishment and the food was excellent. Sunday evening we said farewell to a Couple returning to Oz with dinner at Giordano’s. So it is the constant movement of friends On and Off island. Speaking of travel, I have been on alert to go to Auckland for sea trials of the first Vaka launched on Easter Sunday. We plan to be on the Sunshine Coast the second week of May and hope to catch up with friends, I still miss a good wave(with an exit strategy) on a handboard.

Blue Marlin

Yacht Club - Opening of sailing season - our inflatable, morning fishing afternoon rescue craft

Airport - my second home
F taking group shots with lots of digitals
Coral at Sa'moana Resort

F snorkeling at Aganoa Black Sand Beach

Black Clown-fish at Sa'moana Resort