Sunday, August 24, 2008

Second Weekend - the SW Coast

Some pics - the morning laundry in the sink of out Motel room. A village church.

Just back from the south west coast, we spent the day at a very up-market surfing resort although it suits any holiday. The grounds are immaculately presented, the pool is magical, the food scrumptious (I had the calamari and coconut rice with side salad), and the snorkeling pretty good with lots of different species of fish. The whole resort is environmentally friendly with composting toilets and large accommodation huts. After lunch we walked east to a lagoon behind some small islets and met some locals who where netting for mullet. Then it was a swim in the pool and finally time to leave for a late afternoon drink at Agie Grey’s Lagoon Resort near the airport. Checked out the dive shop, ST$195 for a double dive.
Dinner was leftover spagbol with toast. Samoa is not the place for a diet, eating out is relatively well priced especially seafood. I found a bakery at Farmer Joe’s that sells fresh lamingtons for ST$1.00 that’s about 47 cents in Aus. Enough said. We are both joining Health Attack Gym and I have Hash on Monday evening, wish me luck.
Sa'moana Resort
Sign, sign everywhere a sign; chilling out at the restaurant; even F swam in the pool; typical coastline around the resort; surf break in front of the resort; the magical pool.

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