Sunday, November 23, 2008

Tribute to Shafter (The MONK)

Shafter puts the case for a Down Down on a fellow hasher at the Tafatafa Beach run.

Hash Farewell- The Monk – “Shafter”

The Apia Hash has lost one of it’s “Characters”, a person who moves outside the square, one who embraces life, shakes it and touches those within the circle.
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I spent time on Saturday being a goffer, building a crypt/grave in the Samoan style. First you dig the grave, thankfully we were able to get a backhoe in the day before, then lay a concrete footing around the edge, brick concrete blocks to ground level and fill the blocks with cement and cement the floor (with drain holes) and then make 4 removable slabs for the roof. As goffer I screened the shell grit in a drum with screen wire to get a fine sand to use as brickies loam, mixed and poured cement, held the tent down in the rain squalls and kept the GM supplied with diet coke.
I was looking forward to kneeling in front of The Monk (for my naming ceremony) who always looked so good in his rendition of Dame Edna with a smoke flare burning, OH!!! the gumboots (as long as you didn’t have to drink from them), the gloves, the purple cape and the evil Bats Blood brew. He carried it off so well !!!!
The funeral service on Monday was from 10am to final burial around 3pm. Then it was back to the Yacht Club for the Hash run and circle. Unfortunately I was sick, missed the run but not the down down for being thoughtful in bringing the diet coke on Saturday. Such is life, any excuse for a mug of Vailima, even those who turned up late in relatively new runners where drinking Vailima through straws from their footware.

Not much news
It has been a rainy weekend with evening storms up the mountain, I have been tinkering with the TV antenna and have improved the reception somewhat. Local channels are VBTV, 1 and 3, Chinese CCTV, Morman BYU, and 2 is religious. News on 1 and 3 have an English edition after the main Samoan news. International news is from NZ and is repeated over breakfast. There is also pay satellite available with a large upfront cost of buying the dish.
I got to the fish market very early last week and bought two Red Snapper that were baked in lime and wrapped in alfoil on the BBQ ( Two very YUM meals). So we are not starving and the banana/lime run to the local fruit veg market is becoming a habit after breakfast.
Our water situation sees our tank filled on the weekends when the tower tanks fill at the uni, so far we have had no new leaks to confront in the poly piping.
Thanks to those who leave comments on the blog we look forward to them.

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