Thursday, February 12, 2009

Back from OZ

Back from Oz

It has been a hectic week – we returned to the usual mould around the house – lots of washing in very good fine weather. I have joined Aqua Aerobics that is after Tuesday Morning Tea ( another male has joined the group, someone to talk diving with) at the HiCom Compound Swimming Pool (presently just me and 12 women). Missed the Thursday session because of the art group where I started two new works of scenes from our Savaii trip. With oils it is best to have a few on the go together and do a bit on each. Art afternoon tea was for five and a two year old. So I need to find a folding table on Saturday to accommodate all the budding artists of Apia.
Oz Trip
I was able to get to Perth and have an excellent 10 days with my grandkids, their new pool was appreciated as the temperatures soared to the high 30’s. Great to relax in the cool water and watch the tennis on the ceiling mounted LCD in the cabana. We got the canoe out and paddled on the Canning River across the road and fed the ducks. So it was hard to leave with C starting Grade One, but I was joined by F at Brisbane Airport for the night trip home to Samoa.
Last weekend we joined a group of eleven for lunch at Sinalei Resort (there was also an art exhibition), I went snorkeling with M out to the plate corals and found a turtle asleep under an overhang. We swam around a bit for some pics with my new Sony digital (W150, 8mp;5x) in a housing. Our Blogger connection has been a bit erratic so the pics will be loaded when it stabilizes, two pics of some surfers heading to a break off Sinalei. So everyone enjoyed the day and we met some people who know people we know, the old six degrees of separation is still working well. I did the Apia dropoff run after a late afternoon tea at our place.

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