Thursday, March 26, 2009

Underwater Pics and resorts

Virgin Cove Resort - very back to nature - set around the bay

The top accommodation fale

Underwater Pics and resorts

The weekends have been filled with activity, except for F getting sick from her Fiji visit. Places we have been to recently include an afternoon relax on the beach at Aggie Grey’s Lagoon Resort (, a lunch with friends at Seabreeze Resort (, and a weekend away at our loved Sa’moana Resort ( and a lunch at Virgin Cove Resort ( All are different with various levels of opulence from the get back to nature of Virgin Cove all the way up to the Lagoon with bar service on the beach and an in-pool bar. The new underwater digital has clocked up over 3000 pics with about half underwater. I have a growing gallery of the best u/w. I have sent these to turtle researcher I met at Hash for his appraisal.
My week has evolved into a steady round of things to do.
Monday is clean, wash and recovery from the weekend and Hash.
Tuesday is Morning Tea with the Ladies followed by Water Aerobics.
Wednesday I volunteer at the Children’s Library at the Main Hospital. I play jigsaw card games with the children. Although I don’t speak Samoan and they have very limited English, we communicate and have great fun. My favourite game is Opposites (Fat/Thin, infront/behind). I have also arranged to have a database program written by a friend and have installed and tested it. The records are being loaded and it will help with stocktake and searching of resources. The Library is sponsored by the Samoa Association of Women Graduates who arranged the main funding from Canada, Australia, NZ and a local phone company. There is a Library Aide employed fulltime (sponsored by a local mobile phone company) and 3 volunteers. As it was only set up last year everything is reasonably new. The workload varies from week to week depending on the children that are admitted. The burns cases are frequent with open fires in the villages. To most children you are the first palangie that they have had contact with, so they really appreciate your efforts, but to others you can be a bit daunting. You do what you can.
Thursday is Art Group at our house, we stop to go to water aerobics and I am on the go from 7 to 7. I run the main lounge aircon and we all enjoy the musical DVD’s blaring from the sound system. We have lots of fun that can break into dancing and singing. I offer a pickup and evening shop on the way home for the art group.
Friday is clean and wash.
The monthly bills all have to be paid at various locations around town– rent, water, electricity, phone and from this week Pay TV. We have access to 2 systems, direct to your own dish(14 channels) or a UHF rebroadcast(4 channels - ABC, BBC, Movie, Doco). We went for the UHF as the installation is a lot cheaper.
Anyway life goes on in the Pacific.

Aggie's Lagoon Beach - easy afternoon

Horses at Satitoa, Nuutele Island in background.

Seabreeze with R,F, E & H

This fish is the subject of my next painting

Only a one leg Duck Dive, chasing an elusive fish

Restaurant at the end of the point(nearly typed - universe), very nice

Sa'moana Resort - Lion Fish, Prawns (reminds me of B1 & B2), pool reflections looking east, blowhole and swing, chairs at the pool.

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