Saturday, August 21, 2010

Wednesday Snorkel with Offshore Adventures

Clown Rock - just lots of clown fish

Ornate butterflyfish, Chaetodon ornatissimus (19cm/7in.), tifitifi 'ava'ava

Brent on the Bladefish scooter


Coral Trench at surf break

Crown-of-thorns, Acanthaster planci, alamea

Clam shell in wave break

Brent and his Boat

Inside abandoned church

Chair and church

Coast and coconuts (The trees over the water are those that populate distant shores.)

On Wednesday I was part of a group that hired a skiff (40hp Yamaha) operated by Offshore Adventures with Brent at the helm. (Phone 7508825 – Surf – Fishing – Snorkel – Lagoon tours from Saanapu Lagoon near Virgin Cove Resort)
Our intrepid foursome enjoyed the snorkeling at two locations, and some tried out my Bladefish U/W scooter. Afterwards it was time for lunch at an abandoned village site and a tour of the old church (From the 1990-91 Cyclones). A great four hours on the water. Thanks Brent for an excellent day.
Cheers from the cool breezes of the Pacific

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