Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fifth Weekend and a bit of luxury

Our Fifth Weekend
Saturday morning was spent recovering from seeing people off from the airport (up at 1.30 and back to bed at 5.45am), then it was breakfast at Sydney Side Café and shopping for our house (a bottled water machine is a wise move).
Sunday was spent enjoying Sinalei Reef Resort and Spa (an opulent five star resort with ALL the trim).
Unfortunately we were just there for lunch and desert YUM !!!
We both snorkeled the fresh spring pool in the reef at the end of the wharf (F was nipped by a fish on the leg) and fed the myriads of fish. While I snorkeled out over the reef and enjoyed the turtles and walls of plate corals(very speckie), F walked along the beach past the surf school fales to Coconuts Resort ( After another drink and desert, it was time to pay the tab and head back to Apia to prepare for another week.

Pics – Sinalei Sign – the lunch restaurant – the spring pool is at the bottom of the steps on the wharf (looking east) – even the dogs need to cool off (fun toys at Sinalei) – looking west to Coconuts Resort – one of the fish (I think it was this one that bit me, says F)

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