Monday, September 8, 2008

The weekend (No 4)

First three pics ate SW corner, four pics are Return to Paradise Beach, Sa'omana Resort lunch and pool laps, Large yacht in Apia harbour and Binny bus.

The weekend (No. 4)
After finally getting away after noon Saturday (as someone had to go into work) we drove west past the airport and around the western end of the island to the south-west coast. This entailed traversing a new road over a bit of a steep hill. Some of the pics show the view. Then it was on to the main road and we decided to try something different and selected “Return to Paradise Beach” thinking we could eat there as they sign said “Catering and Receptions”, a bit of a mistake! Anyway we had some provisions of crunchy bars, cheese and biscuits. We survived until we got a pizza on the way home. By the way the beach was pretty good, snorkeling was Ok and I found my first anomie fish living in an actual anomie. I also found one on Sunday.
Sunday was a bit of navigation failure, but we got to see such sights as the correctional facility and the dump as we tried to backtrack on yesterday afternoon’s tramp. Anyway after many accusations on who’s stuff-up it was, we made it to Sa’moana (our stamping ground of a fortnight ago). We went for lunch, met all the Aussie crew who run the place (one guy lives 9 houses up the street from us in Coolum), met a couple cruising the Pacific in a 62 foot ketch, had a snorkel and then laps of the pool. We finally left as F had finished her book, it took us over an hour to get home as we stopped to buy two cakes for a sendoff tomorrow (nobody had chocolate lamingtons – DAMM). I washed the vehicle and cooked an omelet for dinner followed by a Scoops icecream cone on our walk to the harbour. There was a very big racing yacht anchored out there (5 spreaders) holding up a very tall rig. Obviously couldn’t get into the marina because of the keel depth.
So that was our weekend.
Shopping in Apia
Shopping – Unlike Aussie where it is usually a one stop shop like Wollies or Coles, here it is different. Shops get there merchandise from America or NZ or Aussie, so I shop in up to 4 or 5 shop to get the things we need. Anything with a sugar or fat load is very popular, diet anything can sometimes be hard to source, especially UHT light milk. We have found a bakery that does the occasional loaf of multigrain bread that we like, so we try often and sometimes score a loaf. If you see something on the shelf you buy lots as it may be months before it is restocked, although this is getting better.
The Bus
Also I catch the local bus from the Uni to town, this one is the Binny Bus, note the handle for his nose, the flashing skulls on the rearview mirror, there is an awesome sound system behind this cloth fa├žade, reggae and rap are popular. They don’t get many “palangie” (white’s) on their buses, so I am a bit of an attraction.
having fun

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