Saturday, June 6, 2009

Life's Meaning

Sorry that I haven't posted in the last month. We had two weeks at Coolum Beach though F worked the first week and we veged the second, returned to Samoa loaded with things, lots of chocolate to a house of mould and crashing laptop. Lots of washing and cleaning, bought a USB keyboard to get it running. Had a great week(sang and danced to the Blues Brothers DVD at Art Group)until Thursday evening and the email you never want from your doctor. The following is from my Facebook post -

The question at the top of the text box is " What's on your mind?" In the last week I have gone through a rollacoaster of emotions and feelings after being told that my latest blood and urine tests showed some abnormalities, makes you pretty small in the scheme of things and you ask the question WHY ME?

You can also ask the question why not ME!!!

After finally talking to my AUS GP I flew back to AUS at 6 hours notice for a bone marrow biopsy followed by a Nuclear bone scan, preliminary results are encouraging - "I am NOT in denial". I may have Multiple Myeloma or a hopefully a precursor to it, I'll take the precursor. More results from the bone marrow will come in over the next 3 weeks. I'll post results as they become available. May the Force be with you. Ri

I have just checked the HASH blog (, one of our GM's daughter's died this week from a vehicle accident, what a lovely beautiful girl taken from us in Samoa,

rest in peace Desirable.

I am still in AUS waiting, hope to be home by next weekend.

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Pacific Adventure said...

Pitty about the precurser but I have the real thing,Pass GO and collect $200.
More testing early Oct09.