Thursday, June 11, 2009

The meaning of Life - Part 2

Back from AUS – Life is run at a hectic pace.

I want my hammock hung from two trees and just to relax, watch the day go by at a leisurely pace.
But life is not like that – life has been a race the last few weeks. First it was getting everything ready to go to AUS, people to farewell who were leaving permanently, things to buy from the closing down sale, lists to compile for shopping back in AUS, lists for friends, cleaning and running the fridge/freezer down in case of major calamity (friends had their refrigerator turned off by tradesmen and came back to mould hell after several weeks away).
We survived the OFF island experience and caught up with lots of friends and relies. I was able to complete most of my “to do” lists. The body has had a complete overhaul and has been prodded and poked and I even caught a couple of waves before the “Low” weather pattern decided to turn the surf into a foam zone and flood bits of S-E QLD and northern NSW. We are grateful that we decided to not go up to Fraser Island for the second week, instead we stayed at Coolum, had a day at Australia Zoo (aka Crikey – Crocodile Hunter) and had a night up the range at Toowoomba before the last weekend in Brisbane.
It was good to catch up with my swim group the “79ers” at Coolum Beach.
We flew back with suitcases overweight, duty free bags hanging off out arms and backpacks bulging to a bedroom of mould. I dumped the bedding and stripped the spare for a better nights sleep. So it has been washing everything in sight and cleaning mould in the kitchen, and it was only 18 days away. Apparently it was a wet 18 days in Samoa.
This weekend is Independence Day celebrations with lots happening and Fautasi races on Monday (Rowed longboats).
That was as far as I got by Thursday evening when F gave the “Mr C” email from my doctor. SEE previous post.
It was a gut wrenching time back in Aus – the waiting was the worst. The end result is that I’m going back the end of July for a specialist appointment. Most probably have Monoclonal gammopathy of unknown significance (MGUS) which is the precurser to MM. Chances of moving to MM vary, statistics include lots of old people who die of some thing else and skew the results, so that they look good, as low as one percent per year, others quote as high as 10%. At least it explains all the illness I have experienced lately – the immune system is non-existent and will never repair even minor scrapes. I just have to extremely vigilant around sick people.
On a lighter note I got to go to the American Impression and Realism exhibition and the Caravan and Camping Show. I enjoyed both – the art was not “ball tearing” but I picked the best of each room and then started again – the best of the best. Two hours to the exit. I didn’t buy any posters which is unusual, the full catalogue was too heavy. After finally trying to get in to see my selected specialist on his last day for a month, I found a net connection and bought a ticket home and made the check-in with 5 minutes to spare. Bne-Syd-Apia. Got a row to myself and a lap extension for a 2 hour sleep. F was waiting for me at arrivals and somehow I was first thru customs after being the last off the plane. I had a lot of bags and bundles to juggle – typical Samoan.
I got Art Group organised, did loads of washing and washed the floors for the children tomorrow. Now have 7 framed digital canvas prints to hang – YAHOO.
That’s about it from the Pacific – weather 25c Still – beautiful night
If the pics appear(they are text at the moment) - the old hag is called "The Visitation" and was the door keeper in the old Art Gallery. As a child we went the gallery so the older boys could check out the nudes, but this old girl frightened the "little Richard" of the group. She gave me the willies !!! This was about 1959 and I was 7. The museum was next door and we played in the old WWI German tank, it was a lot more fun, I was't interested in nude women - until later in life.

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