Monday, July 20, 2009

Apia News and Hospital Holiday

Hospital Holiday and a 101 Course of Pain Management
Snorkeling Report

Have been snorkeling at Piula Lave Tubes in the cold fresh spring water, swam the swim-thru a few times and took some pics of an Aussie family who were visiting. Also swam the rope course off-shore. The following Wednesday I took some friends to Sa’moana Resort for more video and still action. Again the Black Clown Fish nest was a prime target.
Got some good shots of a turtle asleep wedged into the reef off Sinalei Reef Resort. He got quite a surprise as the flash went off in face, then it was mad fining to keep up and dive down for more shots. Had a lovely lunch and desert before leaving for home.
USNS Richard E Byrd
Apia has had the largest ship in port recently the USNS Richard E Byrd, I was able to take a tour over the Logistics Ship that was here on a goodwill and humanitarian visit.
Hash Activity
Hash has been a flurry of social occasions with Snakes 1000’th run and a dump truck trip up a mountain for 50 hashers and one stroller. There were two trails, the easy one back down the paved streets for the walkers and for the runners more climbing to the summit and a scramble back through scrub and taro patches on the west side followed by paved roads back to the Snake Pit for a double keg of joviality and friendship. Even F came along to the Snake Pit to support me home after a few downdowns.
Some excerpts from the Hash Blog-
The trail led up and up into the hills and a few energetic hashers were soon slowing down, particularly when one of Snake’s false trails had been “tampered with by local pickaninnies” according to Tallyho. Nevermind, the trail was re-acquired but many needed help up the next steep slope. Some of the greyer hashers even needed help from a hash mere! As the pack came out onto the top of the hill we were greeted by a delightful twilight, which was ruined by the fact that the next stage was a near-vertical drop down the slipperiest slope in Apia. The number of falls were immeasurable, but Mr. Whippy, Poumuli, Heather and others touched their mulis on the mud. Slippery fell so many times we were thinking of using him as a surfboard. SOTB simply sledded down the hill on his muli. It was slow going, mainly due to congestion at the trickiest spots, but we made it. It was on home down to Vaitele Street and back to the Snakepit.”
I was a bit knackered and called for a taxi and Godfather accompanied me –
“Tallyho had now recovered his wits and described with shock and horror how he had seen two seasoned hashers chariot riding on the way back. Slippery got no mercy, but Godfather asked for leniency, as it was his first such offence in 28 years of hashing. He got a small one as a result, but showed his usual good style in delivery (editor - the GM was merciless and handed both Godfather and Slippery double-downdowns).”
At the next Hash I complained that the reference to a surfboard was totally incorrect-
“The GM called for nominations. Slippery complained about the reference to surfboards in the last blog, as he has never owned a surfboard. To demonstrate, he showed the hash what he does have, namely a boogie board and something he described as a hand board. Tallyho denied his request for an award to Poumuli, as no respecting hashman would admit to needing a hand job to get up.”
And consequently I got the down down awarded against me.
Check out the blog for the full report and my photographic skills when a little under the weather –
Hospital Adventures
I somehow got an infected sinus in my left eye socket, we were attending a formal dinner but left early to make the Medcen Private hospital for a shot in the buttock. I was admitted the next day and spent 4 nights on a drip and buttocks resembling a pin cushion. Not a very rewarding experience as in typical Samoan style there was no hot water and cold showers make the 4 minute shower rule redundant, and you needed at least two a day to feel refreshed. The TV had no remote but this was compensated by the fact it would only tune to one station. The room did have aircon though, although it was a battle with the staff who like 19c and my 25c. So I finally passed my course in extreme Pain Management and was released on Sunday.
Monday is Hash and we are hosting –

Welcome to Apia HASH Run No 1475
5.30pm Monday 20 July 2009

It is the mid year and time for
Christmas in July.

You are invited to come along suitably attired in
Red and White or Yellow and Green.
Elves caps are essential.
There will be some singing of Christmas Songs by candlelight,
good food and much enjoyment of Hash fellowship.

This HASH is at Slippery and F’s residence.
(see map below)

The last (TOP) white house above the Main front gate of NUS
(turn up the hill off Vaivase Road).
Our house is opposite the Primary School.

This Hash is sponsored by Slippery, Susanne (Vampire) and Kiwi.
Come along and enjoy a Little Winter Wonderland.

On On, Slippery.

Piula Cave swim thru

Double down down for Chariot Riding

Esky Lid bag

Old tri shirt from the dim past

Surprised turtle

USNS Richard E Byrd

Pilot's Tee Shirt

Engine Room

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