Friday, July 31, 2009

Christmas In July

Apia HASH 1475 “Christmas in July”

This is just a bit of a summary of the happenings of that evening, but first I must address some other matters. I am currently in Perth playing with the grandsons, had my Tea Leaves read in Brisbane and I can feel the faint vibrations of the orc army of Uruk-hai moving from Isengard in my direction (for the followers of Lord of the Rings – The Two Towers). While this was not the news we expected, we live in interesting times and my Bucket List is in formulation. I had blood and urine taken and lots of x-rays (I can now officially glow in the dark)!!!

"Christmas in July" HASH and three naming ceremonies.

As HASH has grown since I first started, more than one person is hosting except for the BYO on the first of the month. So Susanne, Kiwi and myself joined forces to host “Christmas in July” that is a quaint Aussie tradition. So we went the extra mile in the food preparation and the theme of the evening. I will let the pics tell the story of a jovial and happy time for all those who attended and helped "Float the Keg", more pics will eventually appear on the Apia Hash blog.
Reporting on the machinations of the South Pacific from Perth, Australia
On On
Slippery and F

Ready for the onslaught
50 liter Keg - Temprite - iced coconuts - flowers from my hospital stay - esky for the soda - mugs tackle box - bush knife - jug for pouring beer - rubbish bag

Plate of extras - cheese pineapple pieces biscuits and peanuts

M naming as "Strangler" He can't keep a tune and strangles the singing

Susanne's naming as Vampire (not sure of the exact title bestowed), for giving blood actually they thought she was taking blood at the uni.

H's naming as "The Mad Hatter", that was the last of our flour in the casscade, followed by such potions as tomato sauce, oil, egg, shredded paper and beer

Sassygirl trys her hand at poledancing after hard work at the naming ceremony

Godfather was Mr Music for the Christmas songs

Some Pacific Wanders were encouraged to come to a night they won't forget for a while, on their way from Florida back to AUS in a motor yacht.

F and Snake sing along

Check out the tonsils, lustily singing without a shave(I was flat out cleaning, buying the chicken and meat, preparing the chicken and cooking up a storm in the kitchen)

Hare and Host Down Down (F called for a whipping boy and Strangler obliged)

Hosts - ?? Vampire - Kiwi - Slippery

Last but not least the Dessert - Whisky Chocolate Cake - Icecream and Fang's custard

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