Saturday, September 12, 2009

More Pics - Savaii

Fautassi Race with Traditional Oars (Part of the Teulia Festival) - Digicel Won again (Green Boat nearest from Don Basco College, this year with a male cox/rudder person)

Stranded container ship - Tugs keeping her steady for 6 days towing - Wreck of Fishing Boat just seen on horizon - Fautassi in training

Road Switch - Spinal Board at intersection - INTERESTING First Aid assortment

Mulifanua Wharf Eary Morning

Coitus prolonged

Bus(before change) Catholic Church on Savaii

Sina and the eel - Stevensons Entertainment Stage

Scuba diving with Dive Savaii
You can't see me

Follow the Yellow Fish Road


Light Hole in the reef

Wall of Clowns

Flavai and me

Dive Group on Dive Savaii Barge (Soon to have two new 40HP Outboards)

Juno Wreck and diver

Juno Wreck and fish

Turtle about to eat - Jaws wide open

Electric Anomoine - You can see the electric current arcing

Blue Christmas Tree on a Brain Coral

F's fingers and turtle

Turtle Savaii

Wallowing pig


Spray and we're still inside the reef entrance - portents of waves and spray to come

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