Saturday, September 26, 2009

American Samoa Va'a tele visits Apia and Sinalei Reef Resort

I was able to sail offshore from Apia last Thursday for a couple of hours and the Va'a tele was on the hard at Sinalei Reef Resort last Sunday for a lunch provided by the Samoan Voyaging Society(I am a member), some great shots and video.
Having fun in the Pacific - free trip around the Sun every year - Yahoo !!!!!!!

Offshore Apia in rain squalls - note rope assistant and snubber for shock on steering oar

Steering with traditional crab-claw sails - love the tatts

Twin main sails and a small jib set

Chicken's head on steering oar

Crew member - "Pirates of the South Pacific" ???????

Big oar and outboard well - 50hp Yamaha (IRON Sail)

Artwork is distinctive to each va'a and reflects the national designs

Sharp end

Head (DUNNY) is the front door on the hut - no standing room, bring your own bucket filled with sea-water to flush with. BIT CRAMPED

On the hard at Sinalei Reef Resort looking towards Coconuts Resort and Liquid Motion Dive shop and tours

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Sandra Lawrence said...

Just hoping that you are both OK and letting you know that we are thinking of you. Francis, I know that you will be frantically busy as I know how you take your responsibilities to staff and students so much to heart. Please don't hesitate to call on old friends if there is any possible support we can offer.
Love to all

sandra (and Judy)