Saturday, October 10, 2009

Tsunami in Samoa and AUS Trip

We share the grief with all people of the Pacific and especially our home of Samoa, for the loss of life and destruction caused by the recent earthquake and tsunami.
While the devastation along the south coast of the island of Upolu was appalling, there was some consolation that it was low tide and daylight, both contributing to what could have been a more serious catastrophe.
F worked the phone on the Wednesday tracking colleagues and their relatives.
The Apia Hash was saddened by the loss of Godmother and thirteen relatives of another Hash member. Godfather was injured as their vehicle was thrown and tumbled by the waves as they tried to move to higher ground.
We had flown out the previous day and our friends house-sitting before flying out got to run out into the yard when the shaking from the earthquake hit. A few books and paintings fell and we await an inspection on our return.

On the MM front I got another three month PASS and got to collect $12 on Lotto. So it is around the Monopoly board again for me. As the blood tests accumulate my ONC is becoming a bit more positive in his yearly percentage of an All out attack by the Uruk-hai against the Walls of the Hornburg. (The Twin Towers – Tolkein)

I come back in early February for hopefully another good result !!!!! (As they say in the MM world it is three months blocks of life that you live in.)

Waves have been great at Coolum Beach – hand-boarded until I cramped on good waves on a sand bottom - riding right into the cliff on a full tide and timing a bounce wave to stop in time.
At Point 79, about 350 meters out from the surf club you can hear the whales singing on the bottom in about 25 feet of water. A really special moment to savor and reflect on !!!!
We watched whales playing in the bay at Mooloolaba on our first day as they were herded by jet skies trying to stop them from tangling in the shark nets.

So we return to Samoa next week with bodies overhauled, but only one truly free do-anything day. Our hearts are still in shock from the Pacific, Philippines and Indonesian tragedies.

Whale being chased away from the shark net at Mooloolaba - the big cat was replaced later by inflatables and jet skis

Our rest day was spent at the Eumundi Markets, an Art Exhibition at a local gallery followed by a walk along the Noosa River at Noosaville and Hot Chocolates at out old haunt Moondoggies Cafe


pollyanna54 said...

Hi Richard, I love reading of your travels and I never fail to be impressed by how much you fit into three months regardless of what is going down!! No reason to stop now, hey :)
Kindest regards

katiecrackernuts said...

So lovely to have met you and F while I was staying with V and L in Samoa last week. Thanks for the trip to the water aerobics and coffee with the ladies. Always good to catch up with expats and enjoy a little moment with them. Give the little ones next door a big hug for me and enjoy the goings on as L sets up his classroom under the house.
Again thanks for helping make my stay so memorable.
Kate. : )